Disciple-Making Challenge

Make a commitment this year to be on mission daily for 3 friends who need to know the love of Jesus.

It's simple:


TEXT 4MY3  TO 94000

On Wednesday September 9th, Sean Hall came and presented the simple outreach tool called My3. My students saw the value and immediately responded by writing down three friends they could pray for, care for and share the gospel with. At the end of the night we had 79 names on the board and they were already texting their friends to let them know they were praying for them. When we met Sunday we already had 4 or 5 that through that text message contact allowed them to share the gospel with their friend. Pretty exciting night and more have told stories since then about how their friends have responded.

-Pastor Lonnie, FBC Columbia

Our Commitment to Helping You Succeed:

Commit as a youth group to pray, care and share with 3 friends.


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