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Ice Breakers

If you are leading the Welcome time at club, here are great ice breaker ideas! Get your group to have fun and connect more with each other.

Split the room

Choose 5 Would You Rather questions. For each student to answer they have to choose a side of the room that corresponds with their answer. Then, ask one person from each team to make a case for their answer! You might start a friendly debate!

Guess Who

Bring a blanket. Put two chairs up against each other. Separate everyone into 2 teams. Put the blanket up in between the desks so that no one can see the other person in the desk. Each team will secretly select 1 student to sit in the desk. On the count of 3, drop the blanket! The first person to yell out the other person's name wins! The loser needs to go to the other team until only 2 people are left on the other team.

Snowball fight

Everyone writes 3 things about themselves on a piece of paper. Crumble it up and throw it at the game host. They will throw them back to random people until everyone has one. Then, everyone goes around matching their paper to the right person.


Get everyone in big circle and looking at each other. Everyone starts with their heads down every round. On your "GO", everyone looks up and immediately stares at one person. If you lock eyes, scream, yell your name, and fall down! If you don't lock eyes with the same person, continue to the next round.

Catch a Question

Everyone stands up in a circle. There is a ball to pass around (if you don't have a ball, play with an invisible ball - its kinda fun!).  A student throws a ball to another student until all students have been thrown the ball. The thrower must ask a question of their choice. The catcher must state their name and answer the question.


Put students in groups of 2-3, come up with 5-7 trivia questions. Think about bringing a small prize for the winner! Get students to group up with someone they don't know!

Heads down, seven up

7 students will volunteer (you can adjust the number to 3-7). The rest of the students will put their head down so that they cannot see, and put one arm out with their thumb up. The 7 will go around and choose 1 person each by touching their thumb. When all have been selected, students will open their eyes and the ones chosen will stand up and guess who touched their thumb. If they are right, they switch places. If they are wrong, they stay where they are. Stick to one or two rounds and make everyone address the other student by their name so that they are learning names!

Pizza ninja

Choose 2 people to compete against each other. Each will hold a pizza box (or similar object like a binder) flat on their hand without gripping it. The goal is to knock over the other players box first! Make sure everyone shares their names!

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Want to submit a new game?!

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