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Campus Coaches

Campus Coaches are adult volunteers who coach students lead their club with all necessary training and resources. They can be youth workers or parents. 

Make it a goal to find up to 2 Campus Coaches from different churches.

For now, a Campus Coach can be the organizer for the Club Start Up process. 

Inquire About Becoming a Coach
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Student Leaders

A core 2-3 student leaders can accomplish the club start up process as Campus Coaches and/or Teacher Sponsor assists them.

Every First Priority club meeting is fully run by student leaders. There are no club dues or titles. Every club meeting has at least 3 roles: a host to welcome everyone, someone to teach, and someone to challenge.

Club Curriculum is provided for the entire school year through the E.P.I.C. club strategy, a four-week cycle with a different theme every month:

     Equip Week equips each other to live on mission for others. (Gospel tool + discussion)

     Prepare Week prepares us to share our faith story.

     Invite Week invites guests to hear about who Jesus is. (food + games too!)

     Connect Week connects us more to Christ, church, and club community. 




Teacher Sponsor

Teacher sponsors not only open up their classroom, but also help students get their club approved according to your school's process.

Teacher sponsors also help students communicate about their club by finding the best way to send reminders about club plans with student leaders, and promote their club meeting information with their school.




All core students and Campus Coach(es) should meet with their Teacher Sponsor to plan these next steps:

     1. Club Approval: Is the club approved with the school and district? If the club has not been approved with the district, students need to sign and submit the Club Constitution and By-Laws.

     2. Club Meeting Time and Location: When is the best time and location for the most students to meet?

          Club Meeting time tip: The best days are either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Mondays can be holidays, and students are ready to go home on Fridays. 

     3. Schedule an Interest Party (the next step below).

The biggest goal for your Interest Party is to gather as many interested students as possible! Have fun with it: bring pizza or donuts, and/or play an ice breaker to make everyone feel at home!

What to say at your Interest Party:

  • Ask students why they are interested in First Priority.

  • Talk about why students are a part of First Priority.

    • To learn about Jesus.

    • To learn how to share about Jesus.

    • To learn how to share their story in conversation.

    • To become servant leaders.​

  • Describe what First Priority is.

    • First Priority is a weekly, 30-minute club on campus that unites Christians to share the Gospel, tell their faith story, and become servant leaders who take the hope of Christ to their school.

    • Every month has a new theme, and every week of each theme has a different way of sharing about Jesus. 

    • Every week has at least 3 leadership opportunities: a host, a teacher, and a challenger.

  • Discuss next steps.

    • Club Meeting Time and Location

    • Starting with Club Training

    • Any additional club events



Interest Party



Meetings Begin!



Club Training

Spend the next 4 weeks using the provided Club Training to discuss:

  1. Why lead a First Priority club?

  2. How does First Priority work?

  3. How to plan a First Priority club.

  4. How to promote a First Priority club.

This is an excellent time to get to know all students. Try to make these weeks engaging and fun. Focus on creating a welcoming club culture that is determined to share the hope of Christ with your school. 

Club Training will prepare students to fully lead the club starting the week after training!

Once your club meetings begin, there are several goals to keep in mind to become a healthy First Priority club:

  • Fully Student-Led: According to the Equal Access Act, a student-sponsored club must be student-led. Try to identify and find student volunteers for additional tasks that must be lead during club meetings.

  • Always Gospel-focused: Club meetings will be prone to wander from an evangelistic focus. Stay dedicated to the curriculum to challenge students to use club meetings as a tool for sharing the hope of Christ with their classmates. 

  • A Wider Reach on Invite Weeks: Get creative and work harder on Invite Weeks to gather more students who need to hear the hope of Christ; consider meeting in a new location that would gather more students; meeting during lunch hours; promoting heavily the week of; giving away a gift for guests; or specifically inviting another club/team to bless.

  • A Monthly Fellowship Event: First Priority clubs are quick. You can build a stronger community of students by helping them plan an event together, such as a service project, worship night, bonfire, or hang out.

  • Fill Out Weekly Club Reports (Campus Coaches): These reports help us know how to assist your club with more resources and prayer! Take a minute to fill them out right after your club meeting. 

It's go time!

We are here to support you as you take the hope of Christ to every student!

Larry Bragg -

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